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nodejsmailer [Node.js, NODEMAILER, heroku and Hotmail]

An example to send mails from your node.js server using Hotmail. Tested to find working on heroku.com



praveenkirk 1

published 5 days ago


Send mail with combination: node.js nodemailer heroku hotmail

This example can be run to send mails from your node.js server. This example uses nodemailer to send mails, Hotmail as the mail service provider. One important point to remember is that for the first time the email sending won't work as Hotmail will block the signin attempt of runnable or heroku or some other host that you are using. You have to go to review your recent activity of your hotmail account here https://account.live.com/activity . Under Recent activity find the login attempt that corresponds to your attempt, and then click on it as "This was me", from the next time everything will be fine.

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