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Interactive Relationship Visualization [JavaScript and d3.js]

Forked from How to use the jQuery $().ready function.

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This demo is for the interactive Relationship Visualization with D3.js. And it supports many configurations, include the many types of relationships, the callback after click the nodes and so on.




Interactive Relationship Visualization


The force.js in js file can be used to draw interactive relationship visualization graph.

To be specific, it supports filter, zoom, drag, pan, refresh and so on. In addition, you even could add pulse when click the node.

How to use
var drawRelation = new DrawRelation(graph, 'main_wrapper');  // graph is an object with relationList and nodeList, main_wrapper is the id of dom to hold the svg
    drawRelation.showNodeInfo = function (node) {  // when click one node, the function will be executed

Currently the plugin just contains several types of relationship, like invest, legal representative and so on. If you want to customize the relationships, you need add the options param to cover the default options.


There are two demos. The demo.html shows several links between the same two nodes, but the demo2.html shows only one link between the same two nodes. You download the whole project and open the demo.html or demo2.html in the browser.

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