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Automatic Forms generation with Sprox and SQLAlchemy [Python and TurboGears]

Forked from Setting up SQLAlchemy in TurboGears minimal mode [Python].

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Shows how to generate form for a model instead of manually declaring a ToscaWidgets form



amol 16

published 3 years ago

import sys
from tg import TGController, AppConfig, expose, validate, redirect
from datetime import datetime
from .model import DBSession, SomeModel
from formencode import validators
from sprox.formbase import AddRecordForm

class AddSomeModelForm(AddRecordForm):
    __model__ = SomeModel
    __omit_fields__ = ['uid']
    __field_validators__ = {'name': validators.String(not_empty=True),
                            'value': validators.Int(not_empty=True)}
add_somemodel_form = AddSomeModelForm(session=DBSession)

class RootController(TGController):
  def index(self, **kw):
    entries = DBSession.query(SomeModel).all()
    return dict(entries=entries, form=add_somemodel_form)

  @validate(add_somemodel_form, error_handler=index)
  def make_entry(self, name, value, **kwargs):
    DBSession.add(SomeModel(name=name, value=value))
    return redirect('/')
config = AppConfig(minimal=True, root_controller=RootController())

# Models and DB configuration requires a pckage with a *model* module inside
config.package = sys.modules[__package__]

# As we are going to use a package, dotted templates support is better suited
config.use_dotted_templatenames = True
config.renderers = ['genshi']

config.use_toscawidgets2 = True
config.use_sqlalchemy = True
config.use_transaction_manager = True
config.DBSession = DBSession
config['sqlalchemy.url'] = 'sqlite:////tmp/test.db'

application = config.make_wsgi_app()
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