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Setting up SQLAlchemy in TurboGears minimal mode [Python]

Forked from TurboGears Forms Validation.

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Shows how to configured TurboGears with SQLAlchemy in minimal mode instead of using quickstart



amol 16

published 3 years ago

import sys
from tg import TGController, AppConfig, expose, validate, redirect
from datetime import datetime
from .model import DBSession, SomeModel
class RootController(TGController):
  def index(self, **kw):

    entries = DBSession.query(SomeModel).all()
    return dict(entries=entries)

  def make_entry(self):
    DBSession.add(SomeModel(name='Created at %s' % datetime.utcnow()))
    return redirect('/')
config = AppConfig(minimal=True, root_controller=RootController())

# Models and DB configuration requires a pckage with a *model* module inside
config.package = sys.modules[__package__]

# As we are going to use a package, dotted templates support is better suited
config.use_dotted_templatenames = True
config.renderers = ['genshi']

config.use_toscawidgets2 = True
config.use_sqlalchemy = True
config.use_transaction_manager = True
config.DBSession = DBSession
config['sqlalchemy.url'] = 'sqlite:////tmp/test.db'

application = config.make_wsgi_app()
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