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How to make a web crawler [Python and requests]

Forked from Basic Python.

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cezary 46

published 4 years ago

    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- 
    import requests
    import re
    import urlparse
    # In this example we're trying to collect e-mail addresses from a website
    # Basic e-mail regexp:
    # letter/number/dot/comma @ letter/number/dot/comma . letter/number
    email_re = re.compile(r'([\w\.,]+@[\w\.,]+\.\w+)')
    # HTML <a> regexp
    # Matches href="" attribute
    link_re = re.compile(r'href="(.*?)"')
    def crawl(url, maxlevel):
        # Limit the recursion, we're not downloading the whole Internet
        if(maxlevel == 0):
        # Get the webpage
        req = requests.get(url)
        result = []
        # Check if successful
        if(req.status_code != 200):
            return []
        # Find and follow all the links
        links = link_re.findall(req.text)
        for link in links:
            # Get an absolute URL for a link
            link = urlparse.urljoin(url, link)
            result += crawl(link, maxlevel - 1)
        # Find all emails on current page
        result += email_re.findall(req.text)
        return result
    emails = crawl('http://localhost:8000', 2)
    print "Scrapped e-mail addresses:"
    for e in emails:
        print e
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