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Reading a File into an Array [C++ and fstream]

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In this example, we are reading "test.txt" file character by character and saving it in an array until end of file character reached in the file.After that we display the array using a for loop.



rizwan34 37

published 4 years ago

/* This is C++ sample code for File I/O */
#include <iostream> // library that contain basic input/output functions
#include <fstream>  // library that contains file input/output functions
using namespace std;

int main()
  int array_size = 1024; // define the size of character array
	char * array = new char[array_size]; // allocating an array of 1kb
	int position = 0; //this will be used incremently to fill characters in the array 
	ifstream fin("test.txt"); //opening an input stream for file test.txt
	/*checking whether file could be opened or not. If file does not exist or don't have read permissions, file
  stream could not be opened.*/
    //file opened successfully so we are here
    cout << "File Opened successfully!!!. Reading data from file into array" << endl;
    //this loop run until end of file (eof) does not occur
		while(!fin.eof() && position < array_size)
			fin.get(array[position]); //reading one character from file to array
		array[position-1] = '\0'; //placing character array terminating character
    cout << "Displaying Array..." << endl << endl;
    //this loop display all the charaters in array till \0 
		for(int i = 0; array[i] != '\0'; i++)
			cout << array[i];
	else //file could not be opened
		cout << "File could not be opened." << endl;
	return 0;
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