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Username & Password Validation using If-else Statements [C++]

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We have saved username and password in a variable and prompt username to enter login details. If username length is greater than 3 and that of password is greater than 5 then format of credentials is correct. After that compare user's provided details with actual USERNAME and PASSWORD and display a message accordingly.



rizwan34 37

published 4 years ago

#include <iostream> // library that contains basic input output functions
#include <string> // library for c++ strings

using namespace std;

int main()
  //Username and Password to validate credentials
	const string USERNAME = "user";
	const string PASSWORD = "123456";
	//strings in which user will enter username and password 
	string username, password;

	// Prompting user to input username
	cout << "Enter Username : ";
	cin >> username;

	//Checking if username length is less than 4 characters then display an error message
	if(username.length() < 4)
		cout << "Username length must be atleast 4 characters long.";
	else  //if username length is greater than 3
		//promprting user for password
		cout << "Enter Password : ";
		cin >> password;
		//Checking if password length is less than 6 characters then display an error message
		if(password.length() < 6)
			cout << "Password length must be atleast 6 characters long.";
		else //if password length is greater than 5
			//Checking if user's entered credentials are equal to actual USERNAME and PASSWORD 
			if(username == USERNAME && password == PASSWORD)
				cout << "User credentials are correct!!!" << endl;
				cout << "Invalid login details" << endl;

	return 0;
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