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How to start and record a conference call [PHP, twilio and recording]

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dipesh.parmar 55

published 4 years ago

 <title>Twilio: Start and record a conference call</title>
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    <h1>Example is running. Call <? echo getenv('TWILIO_NUMBER');?></h1>
    <p>Some additional steps may need to be completed first:</p>
      <li>Login to your Twilio account 
          (<a target="_blank" href="https://twilio.com/login">twilio.com/login</a>)</li>
      <li>Click on "Numbers" and select your Twilio number</li>
      <li>Update the Voice Request URL with this example's URL: 
          <? echo getenv('BASE_URL');?>/handle-user-input.php</li> 
      <li>You should be ready to call the number and test out this example.</li>
    <h3>How it works</h3>

		When a caller calls the number we entered,
		Twilio calls start.php,
		which then prompts them to enter a room number;
		then we check to see if the phone number they are calling from has been set as a moderator's number or not.
		If they are a moderator,
		we call moderator.php and start the conference;
		otherwise, we call speaker.php and listener.php for a moderator to join.
      More information can be found
      <a target="_blank" href="https://www.twilio.com/docs/howto/moderated-conference"> here</a>
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