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How to create a simple XML document with DOMDocument class [PHP]

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gtsolutions 373

published 4 years ago


 * PHP DOM module
 * Creating a simple xml document with DOMDocument class

//create a new document
$domDocument = new DOMDocument('1.0', "UTF-8");
//create few elements
$domElement = $domDocument->createElement('birds','i love birds');
$domElement1 = $domDocument->createElement('pigs','i eat pigs');
$domElement2 = $domDocument->createElement('cats','i have cats');
$domElement3 = $domDocument->createElement('fishes','i eat fishes');

// Append the elements to the document itself

//to see the full output of the document 
echo '<center><pre>'.htmlentities($domDocument->saveXML(), ENT_COMPAT | ENT_HTML401, "ISO-8859-1").'</pre></center>';
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