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Rapid Prototyping REST API with TurboGears [Python]

Forked from Basic TurboGears Example.

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amol 16

published 3 years ago

from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
from tg import AppConfig

import angulartg

config = AppConfig(minimal=True, root_controller=angulartg.RootController())
config.renderers = ['json', 'genshi']  # INDEX page will use Genshi, while REST API will use JSON
config.package = angulartg  # Make TG look for models inside angulartg package.
config.use_sqlalchemy = True 
config.paths.templates = './angulartg'  # We have templates directly inside the package, not in a subpackage.
config.use_toscawidgets2 = True  # This is required by tgext.crud to autogenerate REST API.

  'sqlalchemy.url': 'sqlite:///'  # Use an in-memory SQLite database.
httpd = make_server('', 80, config.make_wsgi_app(**DEPLOY_OPTIONS))

print "Serving on port 80..."
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